Coaching Skills for Leaders are in High Demand
Posted By Cynthia David/ Saturday, April 22, 2017

Coaching Skills for Leaders are in High Demand

"Balancing Act: Managing vs Leading vs Coaching"

By Jeff Winter
April 18, 2017

"When employees become managers, they often believe their role is, well, managing their people. Doing things like creating agreed upon objectives, helping their direct reports execute their plans by removing hurdles, inspecting and providing feedback on projects, reviewing budgets, handling conflicts, ensuring development plans are in place, and the like. These are all critical managerial responsibilities. But I would argue that these only represent a fraction of what it takes to be an effective manager.  The other two components are Leading and Coaching, which arguably are just as important. Why does this matter? According to the Corporate Leadership Council article Enable Managers as Coaches, “Employees who report to managers effective at development perform up to 25% better than their peers, are 29% more committed, and are up to 40% more likely to stay at the organization.”

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