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Young Workers Want Constant Feedback ~ Not an Annual Performance Review

Coaching Skills training helps managers deliver frequent feedback to employees who are accustomed to instant gratification.

"The Never-Ending Performance Review"

By Rachel Feintzeig

May 8, 2017

"Rani Croshal used to review her direct reports once a year. Now, the manager at software company Revinate Inc. gives dozens of smaller-scale assessments throughout the year. That includes quarterly discussions about goals, semiannual evaluations in which managers, peers and direct reports give feedback, and multiple check-ins to ensure her nine employees are hitting long-term goals. And then there's the annual compensation review process.

"We're always talking about how we can improve ourselves," Ms. Croshal said.

Welcome to the era of the never-ending performance review. As companies like Adobe Systems Inc. and General Electric Co. revamp and rethink the detested annual review, they have put in place new evaluations designed to give employees more-frequent feedback.

Companies say they are staying current with young workers accustomed to instant gratification in the form of Facebook likes and Yelp ratings. Managers and employees say it's tough learning to give -- and receive -- constant critiques and praise."

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