"How to Overcome Your Terror of Making an Off-the-Cuff Speech"
Posted By Cynthia David/ Tuesday, December 4, 2018

"How to Overcome Your Terror of Making an Off-the-Cuff Speech"

You should always be prepared to speak off-the-cuff and use your emotional intelligence to help in the impromptu structuring. Again, an area our global portfolio of experts is highly skilled at. Call!

Sue Shellenbarger

WSJ.com Dec. 3, 2018

"Impromptu pitches, toasts and talks far outnumber planned presentations in the workplace. Such challenges strike terror in the hearts of one in four Americans, making them more daunting than snakes, stalkers or spiders, according to Chapman University’s annual fear survey.

New research offers strategies for controlling anxiety over public speaking and turning it to your advantage. It’s a skill experts say can be mastered with a little emotional intelligence, and some practice structuring your responses in clear, simple ways.”


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