"How L&D Is Earning Its Seat at the Table"
Posted By Cynthia David/ Wednesday, June 5, 2019

"How L&D Is Earning Its Seat at the Table"

Learning & Development is being demanded more and more by new talent - both for their own futures and their interest in contributing to your great organization. We can partner with you globally with our A+ Experts to define your objectives and reach your goals.


"Faced with both new pressures and opportunities, today’s learning and development practitioners are helping organizations translate their business needs into learning strategies. And by doing so, they are becoming strategic business partners to executives and defining their seat at the table. Here’s how they’re doing it."

Tanya Staples


May 30, 2019

{MORE:] ( https://www.chieflearningofficer.com/2019/05/30/how-ld-is-earning-its-seat-at-the-table/)

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