He was as wonderful the second time around as he was the first. The feedback from the group was highly complimentary of him as well. Thank you so much for putting us together. We hope to work with him again for a one day follow-up to this first workshop... Again, thanks for brokering such a terrific arrangement!
Smith and Wesson
Brilliant like a doctor because you offered a great diagnosis. People here absolutely love him and love you! Remember, this is the first time they have ever done anything like this - so I've been spreading your name like crazy!
Director of Training, Orange County Register
The response time and quality of service has not been equaled by other training services. This is a service I will utilize in the future.
Training Director, B. Braun McGaw
I just wanted to say thanks for referring me to Cynthia David. After talking to me she proposed several options and the person I chose was outstanding. When you get a bunch of opinionated CFO's in a room, it is amazing that we could agree on anything but we all agreed that (the facilitator) did a great job !! We intend to use her again in the near future with a group of our direct reports. I would highly recommend her for any similar requests you might get. Thanks again.
Senior Vice President, Financial Services, Healthcare Company
Our people absolutely loved the keynote speech that your consultant customized for our management conference! It was a great kickoff for what turned out to be a very successful event. Thanks for your help.

The greatest benefit of using Cynthia David & Associates is] “finding the best speakers and vendors without having to do the footwork myself. Knowing that we will get quality people.
Director of Training, ARV Assisted Living
Cynthia David made finding the right trainer effortless! We couldn't have been more pleased with the training we received...! We were a perfect match. We are using the skills we learned on a daily basis and are beginning to pass them along to others in our company. Thank you both!
Training Manager, NTN Communications
The day went wonderfully well. She did an excellent job. I hoped she was as pleased as I was with the results. Thanks for all of your help. Your streamlining the process for me was a huge, huge help.
Director of Training, ICG Communications
Cynthia David & Associates was invaluable in helping to find the right Sales Consultant for our organization. In fact, even after we contracted with the consultant, Cynthia personally followed up to see that our needs were being addressed.
Principal Communication Specialist, FileNet Corporation
What I liked best about your services:
• You have access to many talented resources covering a broad spectrum of general business & HR needs;
• You work to facilitate the selection and negotiation process;
• You are concerned with quality and service as demonstrated by your involvement in initial meetings, auditing services provided and following up after services have been provided;
• You are a self managing vendor (and that made my job easier); and
• You were a very polished professional that could work in any business environment from conservative suit and tie to laid back casual.
Director of Human Resources, ConAgra Grocery Products
I've validated both of the referrals (consultants) made with colleagues, and they were both excellent references....

The trainer] was great - that made me look good to my management for finding him - when the credit goes to you!
Vice President, Human Resources, Smartflex
Cynthia never suggested the typical 'package' of training programs. She took the time to focus on our business issues and strategies. Most importantly, Cynthia made it a point to understand our company's culture and can communicate it to potential consultants.
Training Manager, Pacific Life Insurance Company
Quick access to experienced, dependable & reliable resources.

I really enjoy working with you and the high caliber of resources you bring to us. Thanks again for your quick response to our needs.
Vice President, Edison Capital
Thank you for your help in getting all of this arranged and for your diligent follow-up and facilitation along the way.
Vice President, Clinical Operations, Pharmaceutical Research Company
[The greatest benefits of using Cynthia David & Associates is the] ability to access qualified trainers with only one initial telephone call and the wide variety of specialties/subjects represented.
Human Resources Manager, Shur-Lok Corp.
Cynthia David & Associates "helped me wade through those companies who can promise anything to find those performers with a proven track record."
Yes, the evaluations are very positive. Thank you for the recommendations; we have had outstanding feedback on both training programs. Plus, your follow-up and concern for Quality Control are wonderful.
Director of Organization Effectiveness, Anonymous Company
Came through with a high quality speaker (voted #7 out of 66 speakers) when our first speaker backed out at the last minute.
American Society for Healthcare Risk Management
Thank you, Cynthia, for making the match.
Director, Corporate Human Resources, Cubic Corporation
The greatest benefit of using Cynthia David & Associates was that your consultant was excellent and very much on target. She was not afraid to disagree if she felt we were going in the wrong direction.
Operations Manager, GeriCare
Professional, prompt, courteous, understanding, service oriented...
Training Coordinator, Anonymous Company
[The greatest benefit of using Cynthia David & Associates is] "finding us the 'right' trainer for our needs."
Marketing Administrator, Orthodyne Electronics
...you certainly found the appropriate group to handle our needs. Thanks, Cynthia!
Operations Manager, Technical Services, Alcon Surgical
Thumbs Up! Your telesales consultant was a great fit with our inside sales group. We are looking forward to his sessions with us for the next three quarters. Your company's assistance in bringing him to us is really appreciated.
Vice President, Sales, Netsoft
Efficient location & scheduling of facilitators.
Training Director, US Sales
Someone else does the upfront, time intensive, searching for an appropriate instructor. Also Quality Control (a tested, proven 'product').
Human Resources Manager, Beckman Instruments
[The greatest advantage of using Cynthia David & Associates was] cutting down on my leg work!
Training Manager, PowerWave Technologies
Time saving and accurate!
Vice President, Human Resources, Met-Rx
[The greatest benefit of using Cynthia David & Associates is] "Being able to place one call to initiate the selection of a reliable consultant. It saved me a lot of time and effort."
Human Resources Manager, Shur-Lok Corp.
Cynthia: You sent me a real winner. Thank you ever so much!
Human Resources Manager, Parasoft Corporation

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