Our Collaborative Process

With our collaborative referral process, your decision-makers work with us to:

  • Zero in on your unique business challenges, performance problems or support requirements
  • Determine the internal drivers behind the request
  • Analyze the gap between your current situation and the desired state
  • Brainstorm potential solutions and desired results
  • Define budgetary guidelines and time constraints
  • Present targeted alternatives as quickly as possible!

You deserve our best ideas so we work hard to understand your company's mission, strategic plan, culture, employees, and unique challenges.

We’ll generate candidates from our rigorously prescreened portfolio of over 200 professional consultants and trainers -- each with a broad range of capabilities of the highest caliber. You'll see that they are widely respected and committed to delivering:

relevant, practical bottom-line solutions that translate into day-to-day results.

You Won't Waste Time!

Once we narrow your alternatives and present “snapshots” of them, we’ll explain how each expert might address your specific need.

  • Only then do you spend a few minutes on the phone to get a feel for the fit.
  • Only then do we all sit down face-to-face to discuss the fine points of the situation, explore ideas and see if our match is right -- a solution that will not only meet but exceed your expectations.
  • Only then do you, the client, make the final decision on the candidates.

What's more, we check back with you all through the assignment to be certain everything is on track.

Fees & Billing

Our consultants pay our fees -- so there is NO ADD-ON to you for our services!


we do the billing and invoicing for all vendors used through CD&A, LLC -- once again, streamlining your vendor process.

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