Our Prescreened Portfolio:

Exactly How Do We Do It?

Potential clients frequently ask how we select our consultants and trainers. While the process varies depending on the type of expertise represented, this is a general checklist of our basic process steps:

1. Finding the Consultant or Trainer

CD&A builds its portfolio of consultants in a variety of ways.

  • New consultants and trainers are referred to us, in most cases, by trusted associates to whom we have already given our "stamp of approval."
  • Many times client companies call us directly to praise and recommend their top choices as well.
  • Occasionally we do a comprehensive search of all sources from scratch to pinpoint a particular expertise we believe will benefit our clients.

Our consultants will tell you the screening process tends to be a long one because we make every attempt to be as thorough as possible. We also strive to present a broad array of capabilities which means we do not take on a surplus of consultants with similar expertise.

Our West Coast portfolio has a very long waiting list at this point, since we have robust representation in most of our categories there. Seven successful years of business on the West Coast has made us a very desirable marketing arm for performance consultants.

  • Please note, however, that we are NOT the agents of these consultants.

YOU, the client, are our first concern. The fit must be right for you, regardless if that means many good experts sit on the sidelines hoping to be selected.

Our East Coast portfolio has grown steadily over the last eighteen months. We would welcome any suggestions or referrals you may have for us in the openings we have there.

It is important to mention that Cynthia David & Associates, with only rare exceptions, presents full-time, highly experienced and seasoned professionals to its client companies. Most of our consultants and trainers have enjoyed five to ten years experience running their own businesses.

2. Reviewing Materials

Materials, brochures, published works, videos, audiocassettes, program outlines, etc. are examined as available for depth of expertise, content, innovation and creativity, professionalism, delivery style and approach.

3. Client Lists

Client lists are studied carefully. Breadth of industry experience is highly desirable. We expect our people to have worked with some of the best known companies in America just as we expect them to be able to help young, growth-oriented businesses.

4. Checking References

Three to four recent client references are checked personally by Cynthia David. While testimonial letters are important, we prefer phone conversations where we can control the questions asked and dig deeply into the work done for the client. We are very interested in knowing how the client measured the results of the work done as well. One of the things we look for is a sustained relationship with the client over time.

In addition, we often cross-confirm qualifications and reputations with our current list of experts since industry experience gives them "inside knowledge" clients may lack.

5. Observations

Pre-selection observations are scheduled whenever possible. We want to see our people in action at a client company. If there are several members in one consulting firm, we will try to observe them all since our approach is exceptionally hands-on.

Observations are sometimes not possible for the following reasons:

  • The consultant works one-on-one with executive decision-makers
  • The nature of the assignment is confidential or proprietary (as in a coaching assignment)
  • The consultant/trainer's work schedule geographically makes this impossible

Random post-selection observations are scheduled upon occasion when one of our experts has been contracted by a client.

6. Fees

Fees are evaluated to insure they are appropriate relative to the market, the competition and the experience of the vendor.

7. Evaluations

Evaluations are used as part of most training, consulting, and speaking assignments. These are developed by the experts and used in conjunction with their ongoing work.

We look at these for work done at former client sites. We also check very carefully on work done under our umbrella.

8. Exceptions to the Process

On rare occasions, a highly unusual request is made of us for which we have no prescreened resource.

If we are able to identify a potential solution that has not been previously prescreened by our standard process, we will offer to collaborate with the client in examining the qualifications of this resource. We are very clear with clients when this is occurring.

In addition, there are cases where we are only partially finished with our screening of a vendor when a client calls us for candidates. If this vendor shows promise and fits what the client is looking for, we will present the candidate with the CAVEAT that both CD&A and the client will have to verify qualifications together.

As always, the final selection is the client’s.

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